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The Broholmer dog breed

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Broholmer Description:
This is a molosser breed. A large dog who is solidly built and came from areas of ancient Greece. The Broholmer is used by the wealthy to guard them and their properly and is thought to have been the result of crossbreeding a English Mastiffs with local dogs who lived in Germany.

This breed almost became extinct during World War II but in the 1970s, Danish breeders saved them.

Also known as: Denmark mastiff

Broholmer Appearance:
The Broholmer is very similar in appearance to a Mastiff. The breed is large and very powerful. The bark is rather ominous.

The Broholmer's weight:
Males 110150 lbs (5169 kg)
Females 90130 lbs (4159 kg)

Broholmer Grooming/Coat:
The Broholmer's coat is short and harsh.

Coat colors: light or brownish yellow, or black.

A properly socialized and well-trained Broholmer should result in good tempered and calm result. This breed can be very friendly but very suspicious and protective of strangers.

Broholmer Life Span:
7-12 years

Origin of Broholmer :

Broholmer Needs:
A happy and healthy Broholmer needs to be well-treated, given lots of exercise, room to run and your life-long affection.

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peggymaddux@gmail.com:Saturday April 14th 01:31 pm
Are there any reputable Broholmer breeders in the United States???

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